Hunting - Orsha forestry


The  game management  organizes hunting for wild boar, elk, roe deer, hare, fox.  Mushroom picking and berrying is organized in the forests

 All kinds of hunting for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus as well as for the citizens of other countries  are held.

 The game management’s buildings:

  • 8 feedingcomplexes;
  • 11 fixed and movable towers;
  • 7 equippedrifle lines;
  • 3 stopping points;

The cost of single-entry permits and hunting permits to them

The cost of one-time-only permissions and hunting passes enclosed with them

Kind of animal

Cost, thsd. BYR.

Wild boar:


- underyearling


- young stock up to 2 years


- fullmouthed


-  trophy quality male


 The cost of  a hunting pass enclosed with the one-time permission:




At present there are 20 observation rifle towers, 7.5 km of equipped rifle lines for successful hunting.

There are hunting complex with 2 hunter houses, sauna, summerhouses, barbecue, pond  30 km. off  Orsha city, close by v.Kopys.

 The are all the necessary amenities for a pleasant recreation: a shower, hot and cold running water, a bathroom unit, an equipped kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, TV, fireplace.


Price list

for residence in the complex , hunter house №1, hunter house №2 (for Belarusian citizens)



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